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Lexmark Document Management Solutions.

Over the past five years, Lexmark have transformed from a print hardware vendor, to a market leader in document solutions. Through targeted acquisitions and in house development, Lexmark can now offer a range of powerful tools to help you manage content and the flow of information throughout your organisation.

We are one of Lexmark's oldest Business Partners in Australia, and have twice won their Solutions Partner of the Year award. We can help you design, implement and manage solutions from Lexmark.

Lexmark Document Distributor

Lexmark Document Distributor lets you deliver documents and data from capture sources across your organization to wherever you need them, such as an ECM or ERP system. Capturing documents at the point of receipt, including field offices and dispersed locations, speeds processing, eliminates lost documents and data, and provides greater visibility.

Lexmark Document Distributor is a framework for paper and electronic document capture, processing and routing that works with your multifunction products (MFPs). It provides the foundation to create solutions tailored to your business processes, including custom business rules that dynamically prompt for metadata, make logical decisions and automatically route a document to the correct destination.

6 Benefits of Lexmark Document Distributor

Expedite business processes

Quickly get data from documents to back-end systems so staff has information when it’s needed.

Enforce security & compliance

Capture documents at the point of receipt—even from field offices and dispersed locations—to eliminate lost documents and data, and gather required information from users.

Integrate with your systems

Insert and retrieve information from other systems such as an email server, ECM, ERP, mobile device, network folder or fax server.

Flexible integration options

Ensure flexibility in your infrastructure with connectors for back-end and front-end systems, while also providing more tightly integrated business processes and systems.

Simplify MFP management

Deploy apps, policies and global settings to devices on the network, reducing the time spent on maintenance.

Minimize processing costs

Reduce the number of manual steps and redundant error checks, preventing costly mistakes and system slowdowns during the capture process.

Lexmark Accuread Automate

Between the manual steps required for pre- and post-scan processing, wide variety of document types, employee training issues and limited network bandwidth in remote locations, many businesses struggle to capture printed information and retrieve it easily when needed.

Lexmark’s AccuRead Automate app enables a Lexmark smart MFP to capture, automatically classify and route documents, while extracting key information for file naming and indexing. The result is a simpler and easier capture process for users, requiring little training. Plus, it’s the only such technology that runs on your Lexmark MFP, saving the cost and management of an additional server and keeping all activity within your network and behind your firewall.

6 Benefits of Accuread Automate

Expedite business processes

Quickly get data from documents to back-end systems so staff has information when it’s needed.

Automatic indexing of data

Eliminates manual data entry errors by automatically extracting indexing data

Save money on processing

Minimizes processing costs by reducing the number of manual steps and redundant error checks.

Enforce compliance

Facilitates compliance and enhances customer service by accelerating information retrieval.

Reduce administration

Lowers investment and reduces administrative burdens by using serverless technology embedded on the MFP.

Simple capture process,

Simplifies capture process by eliminating manual setup for each document type.

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