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Simple, no nonsense, managed print contracts for large fleets.

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Simple, transparent print management.

It used to be that people would refer to 'used car salespeople' when they wanted to highlight an industry that was filled with questionable sales tactics and unreasonable contracts. Increasingly this same opinion has been extended to include those in the 'copier industry' - a broad reference to the companies that sign up organisations to exorbitant cost per copy print contracts. These contracts are often deliberately confusing, and leave companies owing tens of thousands of dollars with 'unprinted pages' or page 'add backs'. In contrast to the predatory practices of these companies, we offer clear, unambiguous contracts with fair terms and simple payments. We are not a print company. We are an IT procurement company with customer relationships more valuable than a single print contract.

We can offer a managed print agreement to suit small or large fleets of print devices. We offer software to proactively manage your fleet and identify devices which can be better utilised or replaced to realise hidden cost savings. Integrated with service and fault management, we can provide a fully automated, fully managed solution.

We conduct free assessments of your current print environment and associated contracts. We can help you end your print contract early and make the switch to a better provider. Get in touch with us today to arrange an assessment or request a quote.

Simple cost per copy contracts

We offer simple cost per copy contracts that include the print device and all of the pages printed. 

Print monitoring software

We can provide powerful fleet monitoring software that allows you to identify areas of optimisation and cost savings.

Wide choice of devices

Working with our managed print partners, we can offer an incredibly wide variety of devices to suit every need.

Reach across Australia and NZ

We can provide print and managed solutions in over 600 locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Enhanced service response

We can offer contracts that include a 4 hour onsite service response, with a money backed SLA.

Going green?

Our industry leading print monitoring software can give you a snapshot of power used and CO2 emissions.

We offer competitive print management agreements for these vendors