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Before you decide what you need, you should know what you have!

As part of our commitment to providing our customers with market leading procurement services, we offer free hardware and software inventory tools that can be used by your organisation to conduct biannual audits of hardware devices and software compliance. Using our AlwaysOn cloud management console, you will be able to scan your network, and compile spreadsheets and reports to show hardware model numbers, specifications (processor, memory, hard drive), warranty expiry (for major vendors), install date, patch compliance and more. Use this data to drive smarter purchasing decisions.

Discover and Report

Discover across your company

Supports scheduled discovery of WMI and SNMP assets across IP subnets.

Agentless discovery

Limited agent requirement, most information can be retrieved without leaving a footprint.

Valuable hardware data

Collect hardware asset information, serial number, MAC address, model number, etc.

Collate warranty status

Discover which of your devices are out of warranty automatically for major vendors.

Enforce software compliance

Create lists of approved software, and find non compliant devices. Fees may apply.

Updates and 3rd party patching

Scan your network for Windows update and patch issues. Fees may apply.

Export and report on data

Excel, PDF and other export options. Customised reporting options available.

Assistance at hand

Need help getting set up, we're only a phone call away. Fees may apply.