Imaging & deployment. Simple.

Save countless hours and slash your project budget. 

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True Zerotouch deployment anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

As simple as you need

We can offer simple, cost effective Windows and Mac imaging. No fuss, no minimums, low cost imaging.

As powerful as you want

Our system provides true SOE profile based imaging when needed. Manage multiple profiles under one SOE.

Joined to your network

Our imaging facility can join devices to your domain automatically, ensuring updates and policies are applied.

Reach across Australia and NZ

We can provide fixed price insallation and deployment services in over 600 locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Asset and CIDB services

We can provide asset registration, CIDB reporting and asset tagging as specified by you.

Getting started is easy

Got a project? Looking for ways to manage your organisation's SOE more effeciently? Get in touch today.

Zerotouch PLATFORM Pricing

Standard pricing for our Zerotouch services. Please get in touch with us for large projects, or specialised options such as localised Windows Updates, mobile deployments, etc.

Simple Image$17

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  • No minimum quantity
  • Simple WIM or DMG imaging
  • No domain join or VPN
  • Suits one off projects

Modular Image$35*

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  • Profile based imaging
  • Hardware independent
  • Scripted deployment
  • Remote access

Live Domain Join$4

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  • Scripted domain join
  • Pull GPOs, user details
  • Secured VPN
  • Ship configured devices

Asset Preparation$4

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  • Capture device information
  • MAC address, IP, Serial, etc
  • Custom reporting
  • CIDB Integration available

*Setup fees may apply. All prices shown are excluding GST.

Zerotouch Deployment

Our deployment services utilises approximately 200 qualified and experienced engineers in the field – more than 40% of whom are working outside metro areas. That’s why we’re able to look after projects of any size from Katherine to Hobart and anywhere in between. More than 40% of the events we deliver are outside metro areas and we’re adept at servicing locations across Australia, even remote and regional areas.

If you're interested in learning more about our deployment capabilities, or you'd like to get a quote for your project budget - please complete the form below.